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Once you've joined this group you can contact players in Westboro for a friendly game of tennis. For more competitive play, you can join the Kanata-Ottawa Tennis Ladder 2014. Don't forget to enter your scores after each match, and play as often as possible to get to the top!

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Dexter McQueen

I just moved out to Kanata and I am looking to play a little more tennis this summer. I don't know the area well so I was hoping someone could let me know where there are some decent courts. 

If anyone is interested in hitting the ball around I'm free a lot so shoot me a message on here. 

Praveen Arora
I haven't played for a while but like to start again.
Dexter McQueen
Thanks I'll have to look it up. I was hoping to play for free but haven't found any decent courts yet.
Dexter McQueen
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Andy Gullins

Hey, anyone want to have a game?

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Kanata-Ottawa Summer Ladder 2014
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Kanata-Ottawa Summer Ladder 2014
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Carlos Nahas
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Quoc Duong
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Dams Narayanan
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All public courts in the Kanata-Ottawa region.


Brooke Stephens
Andy Gullins