Brock University Tennis Ladder

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Rating Name Wins Losses Draws
1 1010 pedro soares 1 0 0
2 P Mona 0 0 0


Let's hit!

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3 P Raquel Taylor 0 0 0
4 P Brittney Bauer 0 0 0
5 P Jeffrey Gould 0 0 0
6 P Kendall Doucette 0 0 0
7 P Noyan Akis 0 0 0

Noyan Akis

Seek. Sign. Serve. Nike Tennis.

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8 P Jessica Barton 0 0 0
9 P Kingston Wong 0 0 0
10 P Monica Newton 0 0 0
11 P Jason Li 0 0 0
12 P khan, Anton 0 0 0

Games played: 1


Welcome to the BrockU Tennis Ladder

  • Games are played on BrockU courts.
  • Games are generally played best 2 of 3, however any variation of score can be entered.
  • If you arrange a game and don't show, your opponent can default you.
  • The winner is responsible for entering the match score.

Feel free to join the ladder, challenge players, record scores, and view game history.


Brock University has 4 outdoor tennis courts for members to use. Located west of the Walker Complex (by the lacrosse field), they are open from the middle of March until the end of October.


Courts can be booked for a maximum of one hour at a time and can be done in person at the Central Equipment Room or by phone at x3377 before 11am each morning. Students must provide their student ID cards and get a wristband prior to use.